GCU Hotel Position Statement

To meet increasing demand of those affiliated with the university, the Grand Canyon University Hotel is no longer available to the outside public.

The GCU Hotel will remain open to:

  • GCU students and their families
  • GCU and GCE employees, family and friends
  • GCU alumni and family
  • Visiting prospective student/families
  • Visiting athletic teams or other visiting clubs (speech/debate, esports, clubs sports, etc.)
  • Attendees at GCU conferences and institutes
  • University guests, speakers and partners
  • GCU/GCE out-of-town job candidates

The GCU Hotel will no longer be listed on public booking channels, such as Expedia and booking.com

For those constituents listed above, you can make hotel reservations by calling 1-844-683-5428 we’re available 24/7.

Thank you,
Grand Canyon University Hotel